Wooden Skill Ball Game


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Give it a roll with the Homeware Wood Skill Ball Game! Skill Ball is a Classic Arcade Game and one of the First Redemption Games. It is played by Rolling a ball up and inclined lane and over a "Ball-Hop" hump that jumps the ball into the Bullseye Rings. Each Frame is one Full Game with 9 Rolled Balls. Every team member present and able to play must roll at least one full frame (9 balls). This Set features a wooden foldable base that is perfect for on-the-go fun! Play a solo game to beat your high-score or invite 2 or more players to join in on the fun.

Homeware Wooden Skee Ball Game

  • The wooden balls are lightweight and easy for smaller hands to grasp. 
  • Perfect for a fun family night full of competitive games!   Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Great for the development of hand eye coordination. 
  • Awesome for a quick game of fun or hours of fun.

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