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3D Puzzle, Pet Selfie Puzzle (500 piece)

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This adorable puzzle features 14 goofy pets posing for a selfie! The 3D element causes the animals to change their comical facial expressions as the viewer moves back and forth. Animal lovers will enjoy this cheerful puzzle, with the creatures set in front of a white garden fence bordered by flowers. The dimensions of this wonderful puzzle are 24 x 18 inches. Helps hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, and motor skills.

Publisher's Description of Pet Selfie Puzzle (500 piece)

Say Cheese! Join these cute and friendly pets for a happy, family selfie as you piece together this realistic and immersive 3D illustration!

Each piece is made with great detail and quality craftsmanship doing justice to the vibrant colours that pop out (pun intended!) as you assemble this unique illustration. High-quality pieces that don't break and are easy to fit. 

Develop a new hobby, or engage in some brain training as puzzles are known to stimulate the brain, improve our spatial reasoning, memory, problem-solving abilities and even increase our IQ! Puzzles are also a great way to boost the mood, relieve stress and increase self-confidence! 

You can do it yourself, with your family and friends or even use it for gifting!

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