Beauty Makeup Lip Gloss Eyeshadow Set For Girls


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Beauty Makeup Lip Gloss Eyeshadow Set For Girls

Every girl loves to look beautiful, watches her mother make up and there comes a time when she wants to start. We present a unique set with a large selection and variety. Every princess will find something for herself. Join your mom as she prepares for the big exit. It will also allow you to spend time together with women, be it with your family or friends.

The girl can choose from 6 palettes with 4 shadows and 2 lip glosses and a bronzer or blush. Each of them is divided thematically for a special occasion: party, sweet, beatiful. The mirror included in the set has a place for a palette, just put it inside and you can take it anywhere, depending on the choice of the set.

A beautiful lipstick is a great element, in which you can hide all the shadows! Your pallets will be perfectly organized, each of them has a separate drawer. There will also be no problem with pulling it out from the inside, it has a small handle, which will facilitate this operation. The large pink tip of the lipstick can be pulled out and tucked in with brushes. It fits perfectly into a child's room.

The cosmetics are designed to be safe and harmless, do not contain parabens. To remove makeup, simply wipe off with a tissue or cotton pad with soap and warm water.

Have fun!

Elements of the beauty set:

- 24 eyeshadows (4 palettes)

- 12 lip glosses

- 5 brushes

- lipstick-shaped paddle box

- lockable mini mirror

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