Cardinal Games Disney Frozen 2, Multicolor

$10.70 $13.22

Brand: Cardinal Games

Color: Multicolor


  • 3-D game from frozen 2: experience the might of the earth giant from frozen 2! Explore the earth Giants Mountain and play as characters from frozen 2. Join Elsa, Anna, and others as they climb the mountain, being careful not to wake the earth giant!
  • Boulders are ready to roll: as you move up the mountain, depending upon the space on which you land, you may have to press the earth Giant's head. If the earth giant is Angry he'll release boulders that might knock players out of his path! But don't worry, there are opportunities for safety on the mountain if you don't get knocked aside and sent back to start.
  • Experience the earth giant from frozen 2: GET up and close and personal with the earth giant! This game will let you play as if you're ascending a mountain in frozen 2! Move along the mountain and hope that you are lucky enough to land on helpful spaces.
  • Reenact the movie: rumbling rock is an exciting Frozen 2 3D game for 2-4 players, aged 5 and up. Confront the earth giant and avoid rolling boulders. Experience a frozen 2 game like never before!
  • 1 2-part game board, 1 scenic 3D insert, 1 support column, 4 cardboard movers, 4 plastic stands, 1 earth giant, 2 boulders, 1 spinner, 1 instruction sheet

Details: Disrupted from a serene slumber, The earth giant is angry. So angry, he's ready to toss boulders to keep strangers from ascending his mountain! Who will be the one to dodge rumbling rocks, climbing to the top of the mountain to come face-to-face with the earth giant? Go on a journey with Elsa, Anna, and other characters from frozen 2 but avoid making the earth giant angry! The different spaces on the gameboard may help or harm you. So start climbing, because these rocks are ready to roll!

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 3.3 inches

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