Crayola Coloring Book-Sloths & Llamas


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Color: ‎Sloths & Llamas


  • This unique coloring book for kids includes 96 coloring and activity pages, as well as a full page sticker sheet.
  • Adorable llama and sloth stickers are fun accessories to coloring pages, journals, or pencil cases.
  • Ideal for individual or group coloring
  • Great for kids ages 3 and up!


Who knew sloths and llamas were such good pals? Nobody, but it is fun to imagine this unlikely animal odd-couple in all manner of amazing adventures! The Crayola Sloths Love Llamas Coloring Book includes 96 pages of quirky line art depicting all kinds of slothful escapades and llama drama. Even includes a sticker sheet! Great for kids ages 3 and up!


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