Dino Ranch Deluxe Dino 2-Pack - Features Biscuit, a 5-Inch T-Rex, and Angus, a 4-Inch Triceratops

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Brand: Dino Ranch


  • DINO 2-PACK! Saddle up and join Biscuit, the T-Rex and Angus, the triceratops, on the Dino Ranch!
  • ARTICULATED DINOS Move Biscuit and Angus’ head, arms, and legs! Both have soft, flexible tails!
  • ANGUS ‘BREATHES’ Press the button on Angus’ side to hear the dino breathing!
  • MOVING JAW Press the button on Biscuit to see his jaw move up and down!
  • MORE TO COLLECT Build your own Dino Ranch with all the toys, perfect for playing and displaying

Details: Howdy Partners! It’s time to saddle up and join the fun at the Dino Ranch, with two of the coolest dinos on the Dino Ranch! The Dino Ranch Deluxe Dino 2-Pack features Biscuit, a 5-inch toy T-Rex, and Angus, a 4-inch toy triceratops. Angus is the sleep-lovin’, grumpy, turnip-eatin’ triceratops on the Dino Ranch! You can hear him ‘breathing’ by pressing his side button and activating his ‘breathing!’ Next, meet Biscuit, the full-grown T-Rex and the alpha dinosaur on Dino Ranch. Biscuit’s jaw moves up and down, when you press his button on the back of his head. The dinos are colorful and fun to play with and your little ones will love the details. Both Angus and Biscuit are articulated; their head, arms, and legs move, and their tails are also flexible. Your child will love to recreate their favorite scenes from the hit children’s show, Dino Ranch. Plus, these kid’s toys are great additions to your little rancher’s growing stable of pre-westoric friends! Dino Ranchers Ride!

Release Date: 15-10-2021

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 7.4 x 5.3 inches


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