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Dominoes Premium Set of 28 Double Six Dominoes (28 Pieces)

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Only 4 pieces in stock!


Material: Plastic

Age: 8+ Years

Skillset: Motor Skills, Analysis & Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Hand & Eye Co-ordination

Get family game night started with the Premium Set of 28 Double Six Dominoes. This durable collection is constructed from high-quality plastic, making it just right for the whole family. The Dominoes game set comes with 28 pieces of double-six dominoes so you can enjoy all the different types of games. It comes with a convenient storage box so all the pieces can be put neatly away when you are done playing. This box is sturdy and strong, and it is designed for easy stacking. Use this domino set for a fun family evening, or invite friends over for a friendly competition on a Saturday night. Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy learning the different games that can be played with dominoes. 


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