Gale Force 9

Dungeons & Dragons - "Neverwinter" Dracolich (1 fig)


Brand: Gale Force Nine

Color: Antis Color-t-2-156


  • Contains 14 highly detailed resin pieces
  • Miniatures sold unpainted and require assembly
  • Features the Dracolich from the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Neverwinter Campaign

Genre: Role Playing

Publisher: Gale Force Nine

Details: Even as long-lived as they are, all dragons must eventually die. This thought doesn't sit well with many dragons, some of which allow themselves to be transformed by necromantic energy and ancient rituals into powerful dracoliches. A dracolich retains its shape and size upon transforming, its skin and scales drawing tight to its bones or sloughing away to leave a skeletal form behind. Its eyes appear as glowing points of light floating in shadowy sockets, hinting at the malevolence of its undead mind.

EAN: 9420020224254

Release Date: 15-10-2015

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 8.6 x 3.0 inches

If you are looking for a unique toy, a good gift idea, or a special birthday present, this toy is just the right one! It is a perfect choice for all occasions.......

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