Gelbee Wildfire Airsoft Water Bead Gel-BB Blaster (Colo Vary)

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Brand: Gelbee


  • FULL-AUTO ACTION - Let it loose, blasts 7 gel-BBs every second
  • GRAVITY-FED HOPPER - Minimize reloads, hopper holds up to 430 fully expanded water bead gel-BBs
  • SLINGS GEL-BBs UP TO 120 fps - You'll know you've been tagged!
  • INCLUDES 3AA Ni-MH BATTERIES WITH CHARGERS - For 7.2V of power for blaster


Details: Backyard battles are a blast with the Full-Auto action of the Gelbee Wildfire water bead gel-BB blaster kit. The battery-powered Wildfire slings water bead gel-BBs at 120 fps for intense play, firing 7 BBs per second with just enough sting to let you know you’ve been tagged. The gravity-fed hopper holds up to 430 fully expanded 7-8mm water bead gel-BBs to keep you in the game longer. 

Package Dimensions: 21.2 x 10.4 x 2.3 inches


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