Dog Fur Real - Poopalots Big Wags Hasbro


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Brand: Hasbro

Color: Multicoloured

Details: What could be more fun than walking with an animal? Walking a racer that even makes a poop! Simply feed the cute dog with a few of the included treats and put their lead together and attach it then he can already be walked. During the happy walk, up, it leaves a fun poop track. Fortunately, he brings a poop catch to clean quickly and easily behind him. Walkers and animal sitters. The Poopalots racers from furReal come with a connection system, so children can walk their favourite animal individually or even a whole bunch of animals. This cute dog comes with a detachable leash that can be used to walk on the floor. Also included is a connection piece to attach up to 2 small rackers (sold separately). Simply slide the animal on the lead, and it moves forward in pleasure. When it is lined, it even makes a poop. Who is ready for a great walk?


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