Wrebbit 3D 2015 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Jigsaw Puzzle 875 pieces

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  • 875 easy to handle thick snug tight-fitting pieces; No glue required
  • 3D puzzle assembled Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.75 x 19.25 inches
  • A challenging 3D puzzle Part of the Hogwarts castle
  • Assembly instructions included; for Harry Potter fans ages 14+
  • Made in Canada using unique foam backing technology providing a sturdy design
  • Eco-friendly packaging; box Made from recycled cardboard; no plastic bag or shrink wrap

Details: Original Wrebbit foam-backed puzzle pieces. Best Quality Value and price ratio on the market. Highest quality of design and illustration. Creates a robust and durable gift for the serious puzzler and for all HARRY POTTER fans. Prior to the packaging process, puzzle pieces form a large flat whose sections hold together thanks to red-dotted pieces. Red-dotted pieces ARE NOT PART of your puzzle. They should be set aside until your Wrebbit3DTM puzzle is completely assembled as you may have inadvertently put aside a good puzzle piece. Once you have finished assembling your puzzle, you may discard all red-dotted pieces.

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 12.0 x 4.6 inches

If you are looking for a unique toy, a good gift idea, or a special birthday present, this toy is just the right one! It is a perfect choice for all occasions......NEW!!!

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