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Learning Word pad Writing Board.
The best gift of the child.
The board is equipped with cards with the written alphabet, which are placed inside the board, the letters are visible thanks to the transparent surface. 
On this level, the child will be able to try to trace the shape of the letter at will until it is perfect. 
he pages will not be crossed out, and the written letters are only visible on the blackboard. 

It will certainly be easier for you to persuade your child to draw patterns and patterns when it will be easy and fun.
The board will be useful when traveling, in a meadow, in a room where only a child wants to play.
In this way, training small hand motor skills, or at the next stage learning to write, become fun for the child.
The exercises develop the child's imagination, encourage them to look for new solutions and to come up with their own version of the picture.

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