Lezo Smart Technology Arras Police Robot Walking with Fires Discs,Dances,Talks Super Fun Swing Hands with Shooting Bullets Remote Control Dancing, Smart Talking Robot for Kid


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All Collectives Remote Control Robot Toy for kids Music & Light Intelligent Walking RC Robot by All Collectives To ensure a like new appearance indefinitely. Remote control robot is very smart and quick, full function-forward, backward, turn left, turn right, light, music, auto demo. Walking Electric Robot including Light & Music. It can swing head and can swing arm and walk with music. Great fun! QUALITY ASSURANCE - Made of high-quality durable ABS material. Non-toxic, phthalate-free, odourless. INTERACTIVE ROBOT: Amazing RC robot, with interactive functions, music, dancing and telling the story. It brings more fun to you with singing, dancing, walking, sliding and interacting. It is a nice playing toy robotic kits with kids. SELF- PROGRAMMING: This is a smart robot. The control robot can remember movement with a maximum of 50. It will repeat the movement one by one for what it did on passing minutes if you switch programming function. TWO MOVEMENT TYPES: Walking and Sliding Mode for going forward /backwards, turning left / right at the command of the user. Robot's flexible arms will make different action postures like what kids want. AMAZING LED EYES: The robot can entry combat mode, where the bullets can be shot towards various directions in the air like a hero. Colourful LED eyes combination of sound makes a more interactive play time. It is very suitable as a birthday present,

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