Kids Belt WWE NXT Wrestling Championship toy

$5.99 $24.99

Now kids can take home the excitement of the WWE and its ultimate badge of honor - the WWE NXT Championship! This trophy item comes with authentic styling, sleek metallic medallions, a leather-like belt, and a one-time adjustable feature to fit around the waist of any child six years or older! This regal championship is designed to resemble the one worn and proudly flaunted by your favorite WWE NXT Superstars. Kids will love wearing the championship that celebrates top NXT Superstars and honors their distinction as the very best. Strap on the large victory championship and feel like a WWE NXT champion. Wave it around or fling it over your shoulders like the Superstars do in the ring and feel the thrills and of being the best! For ages 6 years and up.

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Gender: Boys
  • Sport: Wrestling
  • League: WWE
If you are looking for a unique toy, a good gift idea, or a special birthday present, this toy is just the right one! It is a perfect choice for all occasions.......

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