Pets Alive Pooping Puppies Interactive Plush by ZURU

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  • Pooping Puppy: Feed your puppy to watch them poop with color changing magic!
  • Real puppy sounds: Listen close to hear your puppy woof. But watch out for the fart sounds.
  • Feed, poop, repeat: This Pooping Puppy is just like a real pet. Feed it again and again but uh-oh he'll be ready to go again!
  • 3 to collect: There are 3 adorable Pooping Puppies to adopt. Which will you unbox?
  • Perfect gift: Pooping puppies are the perfect present for any pet loving child. Gift a pooping puppy to help with toilet training too.


Uh oh! These Puppies have got to go! These adorable puppies are as real as it gets. They will cuddle you, bark for you and even eat like real puppies too. Once their tummies are full, they'll need to go! Watch them poop with color changing magic! Your new Pets Alive Pooping Puppy can't wait to become your new furry friend! There are 3 puppies to collect, will you adopt the pug, dalmatian or husky?

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