Remote Control Elephant Codo the Programmable Robot


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Programmable and cod able R/C elephant with voice command moves and tricks. He will sit, do push ups, headstands and say hello. Codo has dance, demo and Ring toss game modes with 3 game rings included.

      • Programmable Remote Control Elephant
      • Voice command trick recognition
      • 10 tricks: Sit, Greet, Handstand, Push ups, Stand, Move forward, Dance, Nose up, Nose down, and game.
      • Multidirectional movement
      • Dance and demo modes.
      • Ring Toss game mode. Codo will sit and move his trunk up and down as you throw rings at him.
      • Includes rings for game.
      • Includes rechargeable USB battery.

Educational Fundamentals

Parent and Child Social Interaction: Foster close relationships through shared learning experiences with Codo and its programing capabilities and ring toss game.

Discover coding: Kids will learn basic programing by coding Codo and his tricks in the sequence they prefer.


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