TY Beanie Boos Rainbow Dog Reg, Small


Brand: TY


  • Collectable soft 6 inch Beanie Boo toy
  • Brightly Colored design
  • Part of Ty's hugely popular Beanie Boo collection
  • Collect them all

Details: Rainbow Rainbow - dog - Ty Beanie Boos Ty family:Beanie Boos Style number:37223 Variety: Animal:Dog - Poodle Exclusive to: Special category: Birthday:November 10 Introduction date:January 2017 Off order: Height:7 inches ST generation(s):4 TT generation(s):C1 Theme: POEM They call me Rainbow because of my hair It has style and flair and it's the coolest to wear ! SWING TAG (inside) Rainbow - swing tag inside

EAN: 5016563951685

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.4 x 2.0 inches


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