Westminster WTM2363 Magnetic Sand Timer, One Size, Clear

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Brand: Westminster

Color: Clear


  • Create unique sculptures using this magnetic hour glass.
  • Place it onto the copper coloured base stand and watch the iron filings fall from one end of the hour glass to the other.
  • The base contains a magnet so that as the filings drop they become magnetised
  • Addictive and a must for that crowded executive desk.
  • Each hour glass is securely packaged


Details: Create Timeless Works of Art with Our Magnetic Sand Timer Create awesome magnetic sculptures with this hourglass-shaped desk ornament filled with magnetic filings. At approximately 5" tall, it doesn't function as an accurate egg-timer, but it will never fail to entertain you as each time you flip it a new unique design will be created before your very eyes. For ages 14+.

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

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